The most effective method to Utilize Priority Tags in the Apple Reminders Application

The most effective method to Utilize Priority Tags in the Apple Reminders Application

The Reminders application on your iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh permits you to tag assignments as various needs and keep yourself coordinated.

Reminders are a valuable way for you to stay aware of the apparently perpetual rundown of assignments we as a whole need to finish. Fortunately, Apple has its own Reminders application to assist with keeping you on top of this. However, imagine a scenario where you have such countless errands to do that you need to put together them arranged by priority.

Presenting priority tags!

This component on Apple’s Reminders application permits you to arrange the undertakings you need to do to from most noteworthy to least priority, guaranteeing you never miss a cutoff time again.

What Is a Priority Tag and For what reason Would it be advisable for you to Utilize Them?

While adding another update into the Reminders application, you can allot a priority tag, browsing Low, Medium, or High. These assist you with getting sorted out your assignments so to help you work on the most significant undertakings first, like those with harder cutoff times.

Priority tags can be added while making another update, however you can likewise retroactively add them by tapping the update and tapping the Priority area to choose which priority tag you need to allot to it. Choice plan for the day applications for iPhone might offer further customization on getting sorted out your reminders, yet this is every one of the local iOS application has to bring to the table.

Adding Priority Tags to Reminders

You can undoubtedly add Priority Tags to reminders by following these basic advances:

  • Open the Reminders application and make another update.
  • Tap on the Subtleties symbol to one side of the update.
  • Look down and tap Priority.
  • Select either Low, Medium, or High for the priority.

You can likewise follow these means to retroactively add a priority tag to an update you’ve recently made.

Sorting out Reminders by Priority

In the event that you’ve gone to the difficulty of adding priority tags to your reminders, you presumably need them to be coordinated by priority inside the application. You can see which reminders have which priority by the number of interjection focuses are close to them. With one interjection point for low priority, two focuses for medium, and three focuses for high.

To sort out reminders by priority, follow these means:

  • On the Reminders application and tap the ellipsis (… ) symbol at the highest point of the screen.
  • Tap Sort By then, at that point pick Priority.
  • Tap Most reduced First or Most elevated First, contingent upon how you need the rundown of reminders to run.

Keep on Top of Your Needs

By following the means illustrated in this article, you should realize how to focus on your reminders, and how to sort out your daily agenda arranged by priority. Keeping on top of your errands has never been so basic.

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