How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

Change Your Launcher

One of the best ways to instantly transform the way you phone looks is to install a third-party launcher.

In case you’re not aware, a launcher is responsible for the way your device’s home screen looks, how apps start, how you make phone calls, and the way you interact with the underlying Android operating system.

There’s a launcher to suit every taste. Some focus on better design; others prioritize improved functionality.

Some of the best launchers that make your phone look like iOS include:

Phone X Launcher

Modeled on iOS 12, Phone X Launcher aims to replicate the latest generation of iPhone models on your Android device. That means you’ll find a notch at the top of the screen, regardless of whether your phone model actually has one.

The launcher closely mimics the iOS experience. It includes a swipe-down search bar, an iOS-style lock screen, a custom version of the iPhone’s Control Center, smart toggles for Wi-Fi and the flashlight, and a selection of the best iOS wallpapers.

There’s an in-app purchase in case you want to remove the ads.

DownloadPhone X Launcher (Free)


iLauncher is designed to look like iOS 9.

It removes the app tray, thus placing all your apps on your home screen like iOS. iLauncher also replaces the default icons of some of the main system apps like Phone, Messages, Camera, and Settings to make them appear like their iPhone counterparts.

Unfortunately, the icons used aren’t live. The clock app won’t display the actual time, and the calendar app doesn’t show the right date in the icon thumbnail.

DownloadiLauncher (Free)

iOS Icon Packs for Android

Another way to give your Android phone an iPhone flavor is to use an icon pack.

To use an icon pack, you need to use a launcher that supports the feature. You do not, however, have to pick one of the launchers we discussed above. You could install any launcher you like customize it in your own way. Check out our list of the best Android launchers to learn more.

iOS 11: Icon Pack

Arguably the best iOS icon pack for Android is iOS 11—Icon Pack.

This icon pack offers the largest number of iOS icons for Android. That includes Gallery, Settings, Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Camera, Google Pay, and a whole lot more.

All the icons have a resolution of 192×192. They’re designed to work at 110 percent size on a 7×5 grid using the popular Nova Launcher.

DownloadiOS 11—Icon Pack (Free)

iUX 12

iUX 12 uses the same design for apps as seen in iOS 12.

Although the design of the apps is therefore slightly fresher than the previous option, we’d still recommend the iOS 11 icon pack because it has far more icons available. If you want a consistent look across your phone, that’s important.

Additionally, the design differences between iOS 11 and iOS 12 are relatively minor—check it out for yourself. Nonetheless, if having the latest tweaks is important to you, iUX 12 is still a solid choice.

DownloadiUX 12 (Free)

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