How to Enable Two-Finger Scroll on Windows Laptops

Let’s explore some easy ways to enable a double-finger scroll in Windows 10.

Enabling the Two-Finger Scroll Option

First of all, before we do anything technical, it’s a good idea to double-check that the setting for a two-finger scroll is enabled. We don’t want to mess around with drivers if the solution is as easy as ticking a checkbox!

To check if the setting is enabled, click on the Start button, followed by the “Settings” option.

Click on “Devices.”

Finally, click on “Touchpad” on the left.

You’re now in the Windows 10 touchpad settings. You may see a lot of options here, and you should give them all a look-over when you have the time.

If your laptop has a precision touchpad, for example, it unlocks a lot of gestures you can perform. To check if you have one, look at the top of the touchpad window to see if it says “Your PC has a precision touchpad.”

If you have one, you gain access to a lot of settings that let you get the most out of your touchpad. For now, however, let’s focus on double-finger scrolling.

To activate it, scroll through the window until you see the category “Scroll and Zoom.” Underneath that is a checkbox labeled “Drag two fingers to scroll.” If it’s unchecked, go ahead and check it.

Now you should be able to use two fingers to scroll through webpages and documents.

Customizing the Two-Finger Scroll

You can also set which direction the page will scroll when you swipe. Underneath the checkbox you just ticked is a drop-down menu called “Scrolling direction.” You can set this to one of two options.

“Downward motion scrolls down” feels like you’re controlling the page’s scroll bar with your fingers. When you move your fingers down, the page moves down, like when you click and hold the scroll bar.

“Downward motion scrolls up,” on the other hand, feels like you’re physically touching and dragging the page up and down with your fingers. Play around with both settings to find the one that feels natural to you.

Update or Roll Back the Touchpad’s Driver

If the above steps do not work, or the checkbox is already ticked when you check it, there’s still hope. The problem may not be with Windows 10’s settings, but instead with the touchpad’s driver.

Try to remember if this problem began after you installed new drivers. If they did, rolling back the new drivers will fix it. If you haven’t downloaded them in a long time, or you’re on a brand-new Windows 10 laptop, you should try installing new drivers.

How to Install New Touchpad Drivers

To install a new driver, look up the manufacturer for your laptop. Then, head on over to their website and hunt down the driver download page. You’ll need your laptop model name or model number on-hand so you can find the right drivers.

Once you find your laptop’s driver download page, install the latest touchpad driver, then restart your laptop.  If you still can’t scroll with two fingers, ensure the option hasn’t turned itself off in the Windows 10 settings during the reinstallation.

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