How to Block Popup Ads on Android

1. How to Stop Android Popups in Your Browser

If the sites you visit serve popup ads regularly, you can turn them off or disable them with a few methods.

Chrome’s Built-In Popup Blocker Options

Since Chrome is the default Android browser and you probably use it often, it makes sense to disable popups there first. Tweaking a quick setting will completely disable popups. To locate it, open Chrome and touch the three-dot Menu button. Select Settings, then navigate to Site settings.

In this menu, you’ll see a list of properties that affect how websites can interact with your device. Tap the Pop-ups and redirects entry and make sure the slider is set to the off (gray) position. Chrome will prevent popups, as well as sites redirecting you to places you don’t want to go.

While you’re here, you may also want to tap the Ads entry. Inside, make sure you have this slider turned off as well. This lets Chrome block intrusive or misleading ads on known spam sites.

If this doesn’t solve your problem for some reason, another step you can take is enabling Chrome’s data saver mode. While its primary intention is reducing the amount of mobile data you use to view websites, turning this on also strips some unnecessary elements from pages. To enable it, visit Menu > Settings > Data Saver and flip the slider On.

Popups aren’t vital to viewing a page’s content, of course. Enabling this setting may cause some websites to look strange, but you can decide whether that’s worth the better experience.

Try Another Android Browser

If you can’t get rid of popups in Chrome, you might consider using another browser. You’ll find many options on the Play Store designed for blocking malicious popups and providing an interface free of annoyances.

Take a look at some lightweight Android browsers built for performance. Many of them pack features similar to Chrome’s data saver that strip unnecessary elements like popups from pages.

If you still see popups after using these settings and trying other browsers, you may want to reconsider the sites you visit. Shady websites with explicit content or pirated material are often loaded with intrusive ads that can still get around popup blockers.

2. How to Block Full-Screen Popup Ads on Android

We’ve figured out how to stop popups from appearing in your browser. But what about ads popping up on your phone when you’re using other apps or just navigating around your home screen?

Popups in a Particular App

If you see popups when you’re using a certain game or app, chances are that the current app is the culprit. In those cases, you have to decide whether the app is still worth using despite the ads. Ads help developers make money from free apps, but you might not want to put up with intrusive popups.

To stop popups ads inside an app, you can often purchase the Pro or ad-free versions of the app. You’ll usually find these as an in-app purchase, though they’re occasionally a separate download on Google Play. Unfortunately, not every developer offers these.

Aside from rooting your device, the only way to block popups inside an app is to stop using it. You can put your phone in airplane mode to stop ads in any app or game, but that won’t work if it requires internet access to play.

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